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Data Center Infrastructure Management

Capacity Planning and Monitoring

(Part 3 of DCIM - NetZoomDC Enterprise Edition -Enabling and Facilitating Capacity Planning)

As reported in Computerworld May 12, 2017 by By Patrick Thibodeau, Senior Editor: “A third of virtual servers are zombies and idle virtual servers may be more costly than similarly idle physical servers.”

New research finds that 25% of all physical servers -- and 30% of all virtual servers -- are comatose. These are systems that have no activity in the last six months. 

The problem with comatose, or zombie, physical servers is well known. Past studies have routinely put the number of undead enterprise physical servers in the 20% to 30% range. But this latest research looked at virtual servers as well, and they may represent a significant cost to IT departments. That's because users may be paying licensing fees on their virtual servers, as well as on the software they support, said the researchers.

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