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Data Center Relocation: 5 Planning Recommendations

Planning Tips for Data Centre Relocations

Relocating a data center is a complex process that requires careful planning and execution to ensure that the move is completed safely, efficiently, and with minimal downtime.

Data Center Relocation: From Server Room to New Horizons

Data Center Relocation: From Server Room to New Horizons

Relocating a data centre can be a daunting task fraught with risk. There are many variables to consider and potential complications that can arise.

Data Center Relocation Risk Assessment


Data Center Relocation Risk Assessment Process Summary

Due to the high stakes involved in a move out of a Data Center (DC) to a new location, a Risk Assessment is highly recommended prior to the move being initiated.  The Data Center Relocation “Risk Assessment” Process identifies what can go wrong and the steps identified to mitigate the potential issues.  

Data Center Infrastructure Refresh

Refreshing your IT Virtual Infrastructure

An aging IT infrastructure can lead to greater maintenance costs, increased downtime, out of support software and a skill set shortage in the marketplace. Companies have typically operated on a 3 to 5 year server and storage refresh cycle to address the problems associated with an aging IT infrastructure. Before undertaking an infrastructure refresh it is important to understand the business benefits, the costs and most importantly the business risks of undertaking a technology refresh. Keep in mind you may have to purchase some automated tools to support the migration of the data and the applications. Having a good understanding of these factors are paramount to a successful refresh program.

Data Center Relocations

Data Center Relocations - High Risk Projects

Data center relocations are high risk and a major undertaking for most organizations.  Virtually every department in an organization is affected by a data center move. 


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