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Building a Cybersecurity Culture



An effective cybersecurity culture enables a virtuous circle where employees, understand their roles and responsibilities for protecting their firm, literally becoming human firewalls.

Human Firewall


How do we build and maintain a cybersecurity culture within our organization?

  • Establish strong cybersecurity strategies that not only rely on high-tech but also where employees understand their role in protecting the organization.
  • Invest in programs that build a strong sense of cybersecurity across the entire organization, reducing the risk of threats as it strengthens a cybersecurity mindset.
  • Break the traditional barriers or preconceptions around security is essential to start shaping human behavior.

The human element is central to an organization’s strategic management of its cybersecurity posture. However, not every organization understands how to create a work culture where security awareness and behaviours are seamlessly integrated into everyone’s daily processes.

Cybersecurity Culture

Most SMB’s recognise there is a gap between the organization’s desired and actual cyber security culture. 87% say their organizational profitability will increase with a stronger cybersecurity culture. Fewer than half conduct hands on training on security awareness or best practices.

  • There is a lack of a clear understanding of the employee’s role in the organization’s security culture.
  • Organizations are unable to identify employees who do not follow security policies to get remedial training.
  • Only 17% of SMB’s reward employees who follow security best practices and policies

So, what is stopping companies from adopting a cybersecurity culture?

  1. Lack of employee buy-in
  2. Lack of KPI’s or business goals
  3. Lack of funding

To empower a culture of cybersecurity:

  1. Appoint executive champions who speak positively for security
  2. Empower the CISO to make required changes
  3. Establish regular security and awareness training programs
  4. Encourage employees to follow security policies
  5. Establish and communicate clear and consistent cybersecurity policies


Cybersecurity ecosystem

Organizations that report a significant gap between their current and desired cultural state are spending 19% of their annual on training and other tools. In sharp contrast, those firms reporting “no gap” in their desired cybersecurity culture are spending more than twice as much, at 43%.

Organizations that have a strong cybersecurity posture are not only leveraging technology but also investing heavily in changing behavior — moving away from fear-based tactics to those of healthy paranoia, where communication and repetition work in favor of building cybersecurity habits.

Four Pillars for a Thriving Cybersecurity Culture:

  1. Increase Training Budget and Identify Relevant KPIs
  2. Reward Followers of Policies and Protocols
  3. Training, Training, Training
  4. Communications Strategy - Creating Transparency and Trust


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